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Essential HR Documents

ARM documents can help you conduct, review, and manage your risks

Employment Contracts

Written by our own in-house solicitors. Contracts from the factory floor to director level. Including full, part-time and zero hours options.

Compliance Letter Templates

Need a hand with your employment law documentation? Take a look at our quality templates and guides.

Policy & Procedures Documents

We’ve got your back. Recruitment, disciplinary, redundancy and much more. You dot the I’s and cross the T’s using our document templates.

Company Handbooks

Keep employees up to speed with company guidelines, regulations and procedures. Build your company handbook in minutes using our policy document tool.

Top Rated E-Learning Courses

Harassment and Bullying

This course reviews the laws of employee behaviour. Raising awareness regarding the responsibility organisations and employees have toward their colleagues.


Unconscious Bias

This course lifts the lid on immediate unconscious bias tendencies and helps companies understanding how decisions can be effected by a subconscious mind.

Manual Handling

Most jobs have an element of manual handling. This course helps firms minimise their risk by raising employee awareness to the best practices of manual handling in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment

This training covers what the law says about sexual harassment at work and the potential liabilities.  Plus it provides examples of the types of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.

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Centralised Access

Manage your HR processes in one place

Integrated Application

User friendly interface anyone can use

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Remote access with added security

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New courses and features added regularly

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Pay monthly by direct debit, or one annual discounted payment

Fast, Friendly Support

Easy set-up, get started the same day

Access via Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

The perfect solution for growing companies

Seamlessly manage your staff and data. Fast setup, easy to use and immediately available to all employees. Fully supported and secure service.

  • Start the same day
  • Centralise employee data 
  • Control permissions and share documents
  • No limit on the number of employees
  • Many time-saving features


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