Letter Confirmation of dismissal on notice following previous warnings

[name and address of employee]

[insert date]

Confirmation of dismissal on notice (following previous warnings)

Dear [insert employee’s name],

On [insert date], you were informed in writing that you had been given a final written warning in accordance with the company’s dismissal and disciplinary procedure. In that letter you were warned that if there was a continuation of [outline what the employee is guilty of e.g. further instance of misconduct/failure to improve your performance] within [enter period], you were likely to face dismissal.

I am writing to confirm the company’s decision, made after the disciplinary hearing held on [insert date], that your fault has not been rectified and that you will be dismissed. You received a copy of this procedure with our letter dated [insert date of the letter inviting the employee to the disciplinary hearing which should have enclosed a copy of the procedure].

You are entitled to [enter notice period] notice which you will [not] be required to work. Your last day of service with the company will be [insert date]. [Until that date you should attend work as normal.]

[You will be paid in lieu [of notice and] for any accrued but untaken holiday up to the termination date. These payments will be subject to legally required deductions including tax and national insurance contributions. ]Your P45 will be forwarded to you in due course.

The reasons for your dismissal are, in summary: [insert reasons].

In accordance with the company’s dismissal and disciplinary procedure, you have the right of appeal against this decision. Any such appeal should be set out in writing stating the grounds of appeal and sent to [insert name and job title] within [ ] days of receiving this notice of dismissal.

Any items of company property and any items containing or referring to company confidential information must be returned to [insert name and job title] on or before [insert date] together with details of any current passwords used on Company devices. Any confidential information held by you in electronic form should be irrevocably deleted.

A copy of the minutes of the disciplinary hearing [are enclosed for your records/will be forwarded to you in due course].

Please contact [insert name and job title] if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,


[name of employer’s representative]

For and on behalf of [insert name of the employer]