Letter from employer warning of 20 redundancies

Letter — from employer to employees warning of collective redundancies
Dear [insert name of employee],
With regret, we have to tell you that we are considering [closing the company’s operations/making a number of redundancies] in [insert name of eg department]. We will be providing more background information shortly but, in general terms, redundancies are being considered because [insert reason].
Before any decision is made, we wish to give you an opportunity to express your views [to try and reach agreement on the way forward] and therefore are giving you an opportunity to elect employee representatives who we will consult on matters including whether there is any way of avoiding redundancies, reducing the numbers affected or lessening the impact of redundancies.
For the purposes of consultation, [insert number] elected employee representatives are required for [the workforce/specify the particular group of employees].
We are therefore inviting employees to put themselves forward as candidates to be elected as employee representatives [explain what is involved if employee is elected: approximately how many meetings, when, where, information, consultation, term of office]
The election of employee representatives is in two stages: first, we are seeking nominations for candidates to stand in the election; and, then, once we have a list of candidates, the second stage will be for you to vote for the representative(s).
We enclose with this letter:
1 a copy of the rules for the election of employee representatives; and
2 a candidate nomination form.
If you wish to stand as a candidate in the election, please complete the enclosed candidate nomination form and return it to [specify place or person] so that it is received by [insert date]. If the candidate nomination form is received after this date you will not be able to stand in the election.
If you have any questions, please speak to [insert relevant officer].
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of [insert name of employer]