Letter informing employee in selection pool

Letter — informing employees in selection pool of risk of redundancy
[insert date]
Dear [insert name of employee],
As you may be aware, the company has [specify business reasons for redundancy eg been experiencing poor sales for some time now. Our hopes that the market for our products would pick up have, so far, proved ill founded.].
It is with great regret, therefore, that we must now consider reducing the size of the workforce within the [specify department/factory/company]. It is therefore proposed to reduce the number of [specify job titles] by [insert number].
As you are employed as a [specify job title] in [insert name of department] you are potentially affected by this proposal and, unfortunately, are therefore at risk of redundancy.
[There have not been [any/enough] applications for voluntary redundancy and therefore] the company will now embark upon a process of consultation with all affected employees with regard to compulsory redundancies. Please therefore [confirm that you are able to] attend a consultation meeting with [me/insert name] on [specify date and time] at [specify location]. The consultation meeting will also be attended by [specify name and their job title] as [insert capacity eg notetaker].
We will discuss the reasons for the proposed redundancies and whether there are any steps that can be taken to avoid or limit the proposed redundancies. We will also discuss the proposed selection criteria for selecting individuals for redundancy which[, although no final decision has yet been taken,] are currently proposed to be the following: [specify criteria eg quantiy and quality of work, initiative, skills/qualifications/training, future potential/flexibility, timekeeping, absence record, length of service and disciplinary record].
Please also give some thought to any areas within the company in which you would be willing to consider alternative employment, with or without further training, and let [me/specify name] know as soon as possible. If there are any vacancies in such areas, we can then discuss your interest in, and suitability for, them at the meeting.
[I look forward to seeing you on [insert date].
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of [insert name of company]