Letter invitation to nominate candidates 20 redundancies

Letter — invitation to nominate candidates for employee representatives for redundancy consultation
Dear [insert name]
[Describe the circumstances giving rise to the need to appoint representatives, eg closure leading to potential redundancies.]
The company will be consulting with you concerning the question of redundancies, and intends to do this through a staff committee which will be established for this purpose. I am writing to advise you that on [insert date], the Company will be holding elections for the appointment of employee representatives and to invite you to nominate a person or people to represent your interests on the staff committee.
It is envisaged that there will be approximately [insert number] representatives [from the constituencies set out below]. If you wish to nominate anyone for such a post, you should first ensure that your nominee is willing to stand for election and then return the attached form to [insert name and job title] by [insert date]. You may, if you wish, nominate yourself. You may also nominate one person form the constituency in which you work.
When a completed list of nominees has been compiled, you will be sent a voting paper setting out the candidates and you will then have the opportunity to vote for your representative. If, however, there is only one nomination for your constituency, that candidate will be declared elected.
[Following submission of nominations, the proposed time table is as follows:
Nominations close:
[insert date]
Ballot papers despatched to home addresses:
[insert date]
Announcement of results:
[insert date]
First meeting of elected representatives:
[insert date]
Finally, while the staff committee is not intended to replace individual discussions, the Company hopes that you will use the staff committee to raise any general questions or concerns you may have.
If you have any questions you wish to raise concerning the nomination process or the elections, please speak to [insert name and job title].
[set out the constituencies, eg by business area]
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of [insert name of employer]