Letter tupe 1 from transferor to transferee requesting details of proposed measures

[Enter name and address of transferee]

[Enter date]

Strictly private and confidential

Dear [insert name of relevant person at the transferee],

We write with regards to the [disposal of our business to you OR outsourcing of our [identify business function] to you OR termination of our contract to provide [identify services] services to [identify client]].

In accordance with Regulation 13 of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, we are required to provide details to the representatives of the transferring employees concerning any measures which [name of transferee] envisages they will take as a result of the transfer (in relation to those employees).

Please may you therefore provide us with details of any such measures [name of transferee] intends to take. If there are no such measures, please send written confirmation of that fact to [enter name of relevant individual at the transferor and address] by close of business on [insert date].

Yours sincerely,


[insert name of transferor’s representative]

For and on behalf of [insert name of transferor]