Notice of changes to written statement of particulars

From: [name of employer] whose registered office is at [insert address] company registration number [insert company registration number] (the ‘Employer’)

To: [name of employee] of [insert address] (‘You’)

Dated: [insert date]

Notice of changes to statement of particulars

This statement is provided to notify You of the following change[s] effective from [insert date] in the terms of Your employment as set out in the statement of particulars of employment with the Employer given to You on [insert date]:

Date effective from
Change of statement of particulars


Please acknowledge receipt of this statement by completing the tear-off slip below and returning it by [insert date] to [insert person], [insert job title].


To: [name of employer]

RE: Changes to written statement of particulars [insert date]

I, [insert name] acknowledge that I have received this statement of changes to the particulars of my employment as required by the Employment Rights Act 1996 Section 4 and confirm my agreement that the terms of my contract of employment with the Employer are amended accordingly.


Name: [insert name]