Consultant offer letter test sign



[insert date]

Consultant Offer Letter

Dear [insert name],

I am pleased to confirm the Company’s offer to engage you as a consultant providing [specify services to be provided] services.

[If accepted, this offer will be formalised in/I attach] our consultancy agreement, the terms of which will prevail if they conflict with the details given below.

The principal terms of our offer are:
1. an annual [fee/retainer] of £[enter value] (plus VAT) in return for a commitment to [specify commitment hours and period length e.g. a certain number of hours per week] as well as [outline details of payment for additional hours].
2. [commission/royalty] payments worth [ ]% of Revenue (as defined in the agreement)
3. access to facilities at the Company’s premises at [insert location]
4. all intellectual property rights from work you originate or develop as part of the consultancy to be vested in the Company or as it may direct
5. you will report on your activities and progress to [insert name and job title] on a [weekly/monthly] basis
6. the arrangement is for a fixed term of [outline arrangement period] subject to termination by either party during/after such period by not less than [three] months’ notice.
7. you will be [reimbursed for all reasonable/expected to bear your own] out-of-pocket expenses
8. you will be required to enter into restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements protecting the Company’s legitimate business interests during and after your consultancy

This offer is conditional upon and subject to:
1. your having no other (and agreeing not to accept any other) engagements which might impinge on or conflict with your ability or availability to provide services to the Company
2. your undertaking to keep the existence and terms of this offer strictly confidential and not to disclose, communicate or otherwise make it public to anyone until such time as it shall become public knowledge (other than through any breach by you of this condition)
3. your confirming your status as an independent contractor and agreeing to indemnify the Company against any financial consequences of you status being determined to be otherwise
4. your signing dating and returning to me, duly completed, the attached version of this letter by no later than [insert date].

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,



For and on behalf of [insert name of the employer]


(on copy letter only)

To: [name of employer]

RE: Consultant Offer Letter

I accept the offer set out above.

I propose to commence employment on: [insert date]



[insert name]