Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most prevalent questions we have received.

Why is HRM important and what are the benefits?

In this digital world, organisation’s want to perform modern HR work, develop employees, and help shape their companies. And to do this with efficient processes, better data, providing more time for employees and HR administration.

My company only needs one course. How does it work??

ARM caters for all. You can have access to one course for as many employees as you need, and for any course that you need. If you are an individual learner you can choose your course here and have access to our LMS.

How to get started with ARM?

You can be up and running in under 15 minutes and even sooner with our e-learning courses and LMS. The software is very intuitive and has on-screen instructions and users guide just in case you need further detail.

Do you offer discounts for multi-course or software use?

We offer multi-learner and multi-software use discounts. Plus further discounts for annual payments.

Do you offer any other professional services?

ARM is owned and managed by a boutique Employment Law business called PJH Law. They have been offering Employment Law services to the industry for over 35 years. From the Premier League clubs to Governments and every size organisation in between.

I have high staff turnover. Will I pay for every new learner?

Our pricing model gives you more options to purchase various options from per learner or unlimited use options, to cater for all business needs.

What happens if I want more courses?

We constantly add more course to the portfolio. Also, we can provide bespoke course options and provide unique customisations unique to your organisation. Please ask for details. 

Can I brand the software with the company's logo and colours?

Yes, options are available that allow you to easily customise the site to your brand and company logo.

Do you offer discounts with your LMS pricing?

We offer discounts on volume and the numbers of employees across all of our solutions including our LMS package. With our E-Learning, we also cater for Individuals who may want to buy 1 course at a time. Regardless of size, we provide access to our LMS portal so that you may take the course and get immediate certification. The best value for money is the full LMS Package which provides unlimited access and use of all of our courses. Plus, we provide individual HRM profiles and secure logins for all employees.

Can courses be tailored to my company's needs and specific guidelines?

Yes, we can tailor any course or in many cases write a course specifically to your organisations policy or needs. Please ask for details.

How does the HR document library work?

Yes, you can choose and edit from hundreds of HR and legal policy documents. Everything is managed online including employee signature and tracking. Documents are easily edited and can be saved as a template and used again. Signed documents are filed against each employees profile and stored on line for easy access

Is there a limit on capacity and storage?

There is no limit on storage or number of employees you can have. All personnel records are safe and secure and our GDPR compliance underpins our data security policy.

Is the Holiday and Absence Manger as easy to use as it sounds

In a word, yes! Employees submit requests online to HR or their line manager. They can be seen and approved in one click.  Details are then stored online in the company and dept calendars and against the employees profile. Automatic email notification is sent to the employee advising them accordingly. Plus remaining entitlement is calculated automatically updated against their profile.

Can ARM be used across multiple locations?

Our online central facility has a wide array of use and applications with some clients utilising the software across 11 different facilities and locations. All accessing the same information, providing consistency and a holistic view, regardless of where HR staff are located; in the office or remotely.

What safety measures are in place regarding cybersecurity?

ARM has advanced security and system access measures in place. To ensure all personnel data records and contracts remain secure. Each one of our clients information is protected with a unique isolation technology which segregates every account on our servers. Fully managed and having DDoS layered server protection.

What guarantees are there with ARM software?

ARM is managed and updated by us, so we take all the headache out of managing the product so nothing goes wrong.  To ensure your are delighted with the service and performance, we offer a 30 days FREE TRIAL to make sure you are 100% happy with our system and service.