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Save time, money and legal expense by using our self-service HR Documentation, Absence Management, and E-Learning training platform


ARM is an all-in-one HR management system that gets the job done. Align your HR department and manage company process and employees from hire to retire. ARM provides the perfect cost-efficient solution for SME’s or start-up businesses. Working smarter, creating faster work-flows and HR processes by managing all personnel data centrally.

ARM is the right choice for...


SMEs & Start-up Businesses

  • Ideal for organisations 0 to 2,500 staff
  • Multi-location and login access
  • Easy setup, get started the same day
  • Connect your business and HR tools
  • Reduce HR workload and save time
  • Global view, process, and synchronicity

HR Professionals

  • Work smarter and track progress fast
  • Automate your work process and activities
  • Empower your team and improve output
  • Professional training courses and systems
  • Employment Law compliant materials
  • Powerful resource: Fast, easy and intuitive

Seamless Integration

  • Simple set-up no IT experience required
  • Centralised secure database
  • Easy to use and friendly interface
  • Maintain accurate employee records
  • Access 24/7; desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Controlled Employee login

Align data and locations

ARM automates processes, generates seamless communication and synchronises important data. After all, you do not want to spend any more time on administrative tasks than is necessary.

Effortless integration with your favourite tools, which allows you to plan, track and run HR on one flexible platform. ARM has everything you need to run your HR effortlessly, across one or many locations.

Forget about printing paper with ARM. Digital signatures allow employees to electronically sign contracts or any kind of form, with documents automatically stored online.

Perform – from day one

ARM is all about user-friendliness and ease of use to deliver digital HR processes that make self intuition your best guide.

ARM gives you access to professional HR expertise and legally compliant employment law documents. Over 300+ legal and HR documents provide easy management of many HR issues.

ARM’s document wizard takes the headache out of drafting documentation and helps you swiftly edit or create bespoke documents, including employment contracts, service agreements, disciplinary guides, policy and procedure letters like redundancy and many more.

Save time with ready-to-go applications

Routine tasks are automated. This makes your HR processes leaner and gives you the necessary freedom for value-adding tasks. Save hours of email communication with ARM’s email automation that keeps everyone informed.

Our active LMS and suite of courses will reduce training cost while increasing staff knowledge and motivation. No limit on the number of times an employee takes a test. Plus, it helps to mitigate the risk of legal claims and can lower your employer’s liability premium.

Our one-click holiday or absence approvals system makes managing holidays a doddle. Plus, it includes global or departmental calendars for easy reference and visibility.

Manage – productivity at your fingetips

Your ARM dashboard provides a complete visual reference of utilities at your disposal. Easy to use and tailored precisely to your requirements. Manage your HR process and employees from hire to retire. Set up all your employee files within minutes individually or in bulk, saving you time and space.

Automatic notifications keep everyone informed. Enabling managers to review their teams/depts details from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The Holiday and Absence application allows employees to request vacation and tracks their attendance, absence, and remaining holiday entitlement.

Grow with confidence

Enable individuals and your teams with this powerful software. Manage and report via one centralised system, including all departments and business locations with quick and easy access and detailed records.

Effortless and agile ARM is perfect for Start-ups or larger organisations with up to 2,500 employees. Our flexible and nimble software responds to your needs, supporting businesses of all sizes.

By managing your HR online – ARM will help you swap spreadsheets for software whilst keeping everyone up to speed and efficient.

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Flexible HR Management Software Perfect for Start-ups and SMEs

Key Features
Expediting HR Activities

Managing employees from hire to retire. Centralised secure data and integrated applications streamline HR processes

Effective Communication

Built-in email notifications and automated holiday tracking reduces HR queries and administration

Aligning HR Resources

Easy to use and intuitive. Multi-location and automated access controls, allow you to start connecting all parts of your business

E-Learning Training

Provides rich engaging content. Cost-saving educational courses, helping to mitigate the risk of HR legal claims

Saving Time

Simple to use HR applications with activities that can be accessed and completed via your desktop, mobile or tablet

Improving Efficiency & Cost

200+ editable legal documents and contracts reduce effort and legal bills. All produced, sent, tracked, electronically signed and automatically stored online

Empowering Employees

Employees can systematically request holiday and see their remaining  entitlement. HR admin or management can approve or decline in one click 

Legal Compliance

HR expertise, employment law documents and training, increasing staff confidence and improved legal compliance


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See how ARM can help your company save time and 
efficiency across multiple departments and locations.

Easy to do business with

Centralised Access

Manage all HR processes in one place

Integrated Application

Easy user friendly interface anyone can use

100% Secure Data

Remote & unique user access for added ease and security

Life Time Free Updates

New course and features added regularly

Easy Payment Options

Pay monthly by debit, or one annual discounted payment

Fast, Friendly Support

Easy set-up and admin, get started the same day

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