Powerful HRM Software and Legal Services

Perfect for companies from 0 to 2,500 employees. 


ARM is a dynamic suite of HRM services, providing the perfect cost-efficient solution for SME’s or Start-up businesses. Working smarter, creating faster work-flows and HR processes by managing all personnel data centrally.




Human Resource


Management System


Holiday & Absence

Complete HRM + LMS + HAM

Save Time and Legal Expense

Software that reduces the burden of HR administration and makes managing HRM processes easier: providing engaging e-learning courses, centralised staff data, legal document creation and editing, plus automated holiday and absence management solutions.

  • Easy Admin and Employee use
  • Multi-site and location access control
  • Automated email notifications for ease and tracking
  • 200+ editable HR documents; contracts, letters, templates, guides
  • Create bespoke legal HR contracts and documents in minutes
  • Digital signatures; sign contracts and documents of any kind
  • E-learning academy of compliant courses with certification
  • New courses and updates added regularly
  • Track, approve or decline holiday and absence automatically
  • Multi-view calendars, by company, location or department
  • Self-service applications and communication tools
  • Informative reports and analysis
  • Advanced security system and secure employee login profiles
  • Centralised data with 24/7 access via desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Fully supported service

Easy to Use HRM and Editable Legal Document Library

A Powerful HR Management System

Fully integrated expert HRM with cost-saving features that seamlessly manage staff information and data. Providing access to a comprehensive suite of legallay compliant documents, enabling you to manage personnel matters in-house, confidently.

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Automated software saves time, reduces admin and chasing
  • Centralised secure database with multi-site location and access
  • 200+ HR documents; editable contracts, letters, templates, & guides
  • Make contracts, amend library items and send within minutes
  • Digitally sign legal documents online
  • Track and save documents automatically upon signature
  • Automatic e-mail reminders to the employees and admin
  • Upload and integrate any existing documentation or files
  • Secure employee login and online profiles
  • Controlled permissions to shared documents
  • Easy setup gets you started the same day
  • 24/7 unlimited access
  • Fully supported service

E-learning LMS

Personalised, Engaging and Motivational

Access training anytime, anywhere via our e-learning academy. Available to all employees online with immediate access. Help mitigate the risk of HR legal claims and lower your employer’s liability insurance.

  • Interactive, engaging and intuitive; text, audio, and video courses
  • Reduce training cost
  • Set-up and assign training in a few clicks
  • Easy to manage and access your training online
  • Assign e-learning courses via email to specific employees or depts.
  • Quality educative training courses
  • No limit on the number of employees that can use this service
  • Access to all courses and unlimited use
  • Introduce as part of an induction programme or ongoing training
  • Fast, easy, fun learning; empowering staff & compliance
  • Learn in the office, at home or on a mobile device while travelling
  • Results are tracked and fully reported
  • Certification issued immediately
  • Rich informative course content and positively motivational
  • Advanced online security
  • Additional courses added regularly
  • Bespoke courses available on request
  • xAPI, and SCORM compliant (upload any existing courses)
  • Fully Supported

Holiday and Absence Management

No More Paperwork or Spreadsheets

Developed for both employers and employees in mind. Monitor staff absences & holidays at a glance and get instant notifications when an employee requests holidays; and approve or decline holidays with one click.

  • All departments and business locations have quick and easy access
  • Admin manages employees’ calendar view
  • Get instant notifications when an employee request holidays
  • HR or management can approve or decline with one click
  • Monitor staff absences & holidays easily and centrally online
  • Set holiday limits for employees, by department or location
  • Multiple calendar views by company, location or department
  • Set up authorisation hierarchies
  • Employees see their remaining entitlement within their profile
  • Define rationale for absences
  • Manage resources and reports via one centralised system
  • Fully supported

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