HRM Software Package

Everything you need to manage your HR Processes. An employment law and HR documentation library, plus employee management database secure in one central location



A powerful solution that provides much more than HR software. A library of 200+ editable legal documents and HR contracts reduce effort and legal bills. All documents are created, sent, and signed online between your HR department and employees. It saves time, money and is HR & Legal made simple!

ARM HRM is the right choice for...


SMEs & Start-up Businesses

  • Ideal for organisations 0 to 2,500 staff
  • Multi-location and login access
  • Easy setup, get started the same day
  • Connect your business and HR tools
  • Reduce HR workload and save time
  • Global view, process, and synchronicity

HR Professionals

  • Work smarter and track progress fast
  • Automate your work process and activities
  • Empower your team and improve output
  • Employment law compliant materials
  • Staff profiles and data instantly accessible
  • Powerful resource; Fast, easy and intuitive

Seamless Integration

  • Simple setup no IT experience required
  • Centralised secure database
  • Easy to use and friendly interface
  • Maintain accurate employee records
  • Access 24/7; desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Controlled employee login

Align your HR needs to a single platform

ARM HR software offers something for every company and helps you get the HR job done. Getting you organised, keeping people informed and you’ll never misplace a file again.

ARM provides centralised, secure storage of your data. Instant access to applications: employee profiles, a library of 200+ editable legal documents; contracts, letters and policy guides.

Our HRM document editor wizard further reduces the administrative burden and improves internal and external communication.

Perform expertly with our integrated system

ARM HRM makes managing HR easier. Our software is changing small businesses, empowering HR teams and depts of all sizes. Our flexible and intuitive legal document application can help you to save legal costs.

Each employee has their own digital profile and login, allowing businesses to automate communications, providing employees access to all shared documents, building stronger well-informed relationships with their staff.

Save – management time and minimise resource

Automate and simplify your HR tasks within a single solution, so you have enough time for other strategic HR activities. You benefit from data and processes that seamlessly integrate with each other. All personnel data and documents are stored in digital employee files and can be accessed at any time, via desktop, mobile or tablet.

Available on a subscription basis, to meet the needs of smaller, growing businesses.

Manage better with less effort

A user-friendly dashboard lets you access all essential HR functions and data 24/7 across many media platforms; desktop, mobile or tablet. All data is stored securely in one place – and access rights are carefully managed, safeguarding HR data, which remains confidential and securely stored.

You define access rights to determine who is permitted to view and edit which personnel data.

Multi-location and access provide efficiency, scale, and scope for dynamic businesses.

Grow using employee data at your fingertips

Ensuring that your personnel data is stored correctly and in compliance with legal requirements, guarantees you no longer lose time searching for employee information.

Synchronising data increases efficiency and improves the quality and accuracy of employee digital files. Making it easier to track progress, increase support and motivation among your employees.

Maintaining data centrally takes less effort and makes life easier as your business grows.

A few things you'll be great at

A HRM that automates core human resource processes, expediting employee administration

Key Features
Expediting HR Activities

Managing employees from hire to retire. Centralised secure data and integrated applications streamline HR processes

Effective Communication

Built-in email notifications and automated holiday tracking reduces HR queries and administration

Aligning HR Data

Easy to use and intuitive. Multi-location and automated access controls allow you to start connecting all parts of your business

Producing HR Documents

Library of 200+ editable legal documents and contracts reduce effort and legal bills. All produced, sent, tracked, signed and stored online

Saving Time

Simple to use HR applications with activities that can be accessed and completed via your desktop, mobile or tablet

Improving Efficiency & Cost

We make it easy to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on other important matters

Empowering Employees

HR staff can automatically draft employee contracts and other important HR documents. Reducing legal bills, stress and time

Legal Compliance

HR expertise, employment law documents and training, increasing staff confidence and improved legal compliance


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See how ARM can help your company save time and 
efficiency across multiple departments and locations.

Easy to do business with

Centralised Access

Manage all HR processes in one place

Integrated Application

Easy user friendly interface anyone can use

100% Secure Data

Remote & unique user access for added ease and security

Life Time Free Updates

New course and features added regularly

Easy Payment Options

Pay monthly by debit, or one annual discounted payment

Fast, Friendly Support

Easy set-up and admin, get started the same day

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