ARM LMS can help you improve your compliance and stay ahead of rapidly changing HR regulations. Our e-learning courses improve, engage, and motivate employees. Sharing information fast across your business, supporting performance and retention.

ARM LMS is the right choice for...


SMEs and Start-ups

  • Ideal for organisations 0 to 2,500 staff
  • Multi-location and login access
  • Easy setup, get started the same day
  • Connect your business and HR tools
  • Reduce HR workload and save time
  • Global view, process, and synchronicity

HR Professionals

  • Work smarter and track progress fast
  • Automate your work process and activities
  • Empower your team and improve output
  • Professional training courses and systems
  • Employment Law compliant materials
  • Fast, easy, intuitive, and fun learning

Seamless Integration

  • Simple set-up no IT experience required
  • Centralised secure database
  • Easy to use and friendly interface
  • Maintain accurate employee records
  • Access 24/7; desktop, mobile and tablet 
  • Controlled employee login

Align all your learning without any effort

ARM LMS has been designed to make it easy for your staff to use and comfortable for admin to manage.

Set up individual courses or make training plans by assigning course bundles to departments or groups of employees. Choose the best course or plan for individuals and departments to maximise your business performance.

Your own Learning Management System without the headaches of hosting, maintenance, and security – leaving you to focus on other important parts of your business.

Perform – with rich content that engages

An LMS designed to create tailored online courses for all types of businesses. Features include progress tracking, certification, renewal, and login for each employee.

An easy three-step process – assign courses with email notification.
1. Set-up your account (In 1 day or less)
2. Upload employee information (easy CSV bulk upload)
3. Assign courses individually or to groups or departments

Employees can take courses at work, on the go, or at home using their desktop, mobile or tablet.

Save – easy and affordable

Providing companies an affordable, effective solution for e-learning, which delivers a high standard of performance-management, training, and compliance.

We offer personalised Employment Law courses that empower employee engagement and further the success of your business. This streamlined process saves time and delivers quality content for your specific business needs.

Helping to mitigate the risk of legal claims – this robust risk management software can lower your employer’s liability insurance premium.

Manage with ease and performance

Automate your core e-learning training processes, including employee administration, to create a superior learning experience by delivering the right learning content to the right employees, at the right time.

A secure system with advanced access controls. Employees can access the LMS from desktop or mobile applications. Meaning employees can engage with their training records and complete allocated courses at work, on the go, or at home.

A high-performance LMS and e-learning system that meets SCORM, xAPI/TIN CAN standards and compatibility.

Grow today with flexibility for tomorrow

Simple to use, our system helps to improve employees understanding and execution of their day to day activities.

Fast, easy, affordable LMS that enables HR to create impactful learning plans. Increasing compliance, employee motivation and performance.

An employment law training solution built for the future.

A few things you'll be great at

High quality, intuitive dashboard and simple user interface make the LMS easy to use and reduces training costs. Take advantage of our unlimited-user, unlimited use, and flexible pay monthly options.

Key Features
Delivering Powerful Courses

Improving compliance. Self-service e-learning reduces cost, the loss of knowledge, and delivers more successful training at scale

Effective Communication

Providing rich, engaging content. All employee details and training records are automatically filed online in their secure data profile

Aligning HR Training

Easy for employees and HR admin to use.  Multi-location and automated access controls allow you to start training immediately

Empowering Employees

Cover key positions with specialised training. Remote access. Employees have their own login and can complete courses in the office, on the go, or at home

Saving Time

Develop course bundles for different employee profiles or departments. Saving onboarding time, and managing your training needs better

Improving efficiency & Cost

Automate admin tasks. One-click to assign a course with email notification, track progress and certification. Saving admin time and resource

E-Learning content

Entertaining, engaging content. Cost-saving educational courses, helping to mitigate the risk of HR legal claims

Legal compliance

HR expertise, employment law documents and training, increasing staff knowledge, confidence and improved legal compliance


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See how ARM can help your company save time and 
efficiency across multiple departments and locations.

Easy to do business with

Centralised Access

Manage all HR processes in one place

Integrated Application

Easy user friendly interface anyone can use

100% Secure Data

Remote & unique user access for added ease and security

Life Time Free Updates

New course and features added regularly

Easy Payment Options

Pay monthly by debit, or one annual discounted payment

Fast, Friendly Support

Easy set-up and admin, get started the same day

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