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Automate your core training and learning process

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E-learning reduces cost, the loss of knowledge, improves compliance, and delivers successful training at scale.

  • Empowers employees and improves output
  • High performance and recognition
  • Supports managers to develop teams
  • Promotes personal and professional growth
  • Bespoke course options are available

Track training and employee development 

Create learning plans that increase compliance, employee motivation and performance.

  • Employees can start training immediately
  • Unlimited user, unlimited use options
  • Educational courses mitigate risk and legal claims
  • Develop course bundles for different employee profiles
  • Track and monitor reporting

Increase employee engagement & loyalty

Safe and secure learning – employees can complete their training at anytime or anywhere.

  • Complete in the office, home or mobile
  • Encourages learning and development
  • Private and confidential employee login
  • Automatically tracks performance 
  • User friendly and enjoyable

Unlock your employee's potential

A learning experience that delivers rich content to the right employees at the right time.

  • Educational and engaging content
  • Standardise training across your organisation
  • Identify and fill gaps in employee learning
  • Self-certification
  • Annual renewal alerts

Employee training records

Employee performance and training records are managed centrally and automatically filed.

  • Individual or group reporting
  • Automated email reminders to employees
  • Review in the office or mobile
  • Track training and employee development
  • Export reports

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