Letter notice of provisional selection for redundancy

Letter — notice of provisional selection for redundancy
[insert date]
Dear [insert name of employee],
During our consultation meeting on [insert date], I informed you that we are in a redundancy situation because (set out reasons) and the fact that you were in the pool for selection. We discussed the selection criteria which the company proposed to adopt and, after consideration, those criteria were finalised as being: [specify criteria]. A selection assessment was then carried out and those criteria were applied to you and the other employees in the pool. I attach a copy of your assessment form.
It is with regret that I have to inform you that your score in the selection process means that a provisional decision has been taken to select you for redundancy. This is only a provisional decision and no final decision has yet been made. However, the outcome of the meeting may be that you are dismissed for redundancy, and if this decision is confirmed, then you will be made redundant with effect from [insert date].
In our consultation meeting on [insert date] I asked you to consider any steps that we could take to avoid or limit the proposed redundancies. [set out here any discussions about these eg proposed shorter hours, pay cuts]. If you have any further ideas on this subject please let me know as soon as possible.
I also asked you to consider other areas within the company in which you would be willing to consider alternative employment with or without further training. I have made preliminary enquiries about alternative positions and [there do not appear to be any vacancies at the moment/I enclose a list of vacancies within these areas and would like to meet with you to discuss their suitability for you and your suitability for them].
To allow you to make a proper assessment of all of the options available to you before we next meet, I should let you know that if it is necessary to make you redundant, you will be entitled to the following payments: [set out details of payments]
We can discuss the above in more detail at our next meeting, after which I should hopefully be in a position to reach a final decision on your proposed redundancy. Please [confirm that you are able to] attend a meeting with [me/insert name] on [insert date and time] at [specify location] to discuss the situation further. You have the right to be accompanied to that meeting by a colleague or trade union representative. That meeting will also be attended by [insert name and job role] as [insert capacity eg notetaker]. [Until that time you may either remain working or, if you would prefer, take paid leave of absence (which will not use up any holiday entitlement). Please let me know as soon as possible which of these options you prefer.
If your position is ultimately confirmed as being redundant, you will have the right of appeal against the decision.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of the above before our next meeting, please do give me a call.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of [insert name of company]