Letter tupe 7 from transferor to transferee notifying of employee liability information

[Enter name and address of transferee]

[Enter date]

Strictly private and confidential

Dear [enter name(s) of relevant individual(s) at the transferee],

Proposed transfer of [enter details] to [enter name of transferee]

I refer to the proposed [disposal of our business to you OR outsourcing of our [identify business function] to you OR termination of our contract to provide [identify services] services to [identify client]] (the ‘Transfer’) [and to your letter dated [enter date of any letter sent by the transferee to the transferor requesting the employee liability information]].

In my capacity as [enter position] of [enter name of transferor], and as required by Regulation 11 of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, I write to notify to you the employee liability information of any person employed by [enter name of transferor] who is assigned to the organised grouping of resources or employees who are the subject of the Transfer [and any person who would have been so employed and assigned immediately before the Transfer had they not been dismissed because of the Transfer].

The required information is [enter method of information disclosure e.g. set out in attached table or spreadsheet; or by some other method]. Some of this information is provided in the form of: [enter source(s) of information e.g. the staff handbook; sample contracts for specific staff groups; dated collective agreements made between specific parties etc.]. Where appropriate, the relevant document is cross-referenced in relation to each relevant employee.

This information is correct as at [enter date, which must not be more that 14 days before the date on which this notification is given to the transferee].

[There are some items of information that are currently unknown or uncertain, namely [specify details and set out reasons, e.g. the transferor does not have all necessary information relating to the employees who will transfer as a result of the proposed transfer/this information has not yet been provided to us by the current contractor/you have been identified as the transferee very late in the process]. We will therefore provide this information as soon as is feasible.]

[We intend to provide the required information in instalments. This instalment covers [specify details (e.g. only employees in the sales department, or only some of the required ELI)]. A further instalment, covering [specify details (e.g. the remaining employees, or the remaining ELI)] will be provided on approximately [specify date]].]

Yours sincerely,


[insert name of transferor’s representative]

For and on behalf of [insert name of transferor]