Letter tupe 8 from transferee to transferring employees

[Enter name and address of employee]

[Enter date]

Strictly private and confidential

Dear [name of employee],

As you may know, on [insert date], [[the [part of the business] of [insert name of transferor] in which you are employed was transferred to us]
[the contract to provide [specify type] services to [insert name of client] on which you worked was transferred to us]
[the services provided to us by [insert name of transferor] were brought in house].

On that date, you automatically became an employee of [name of transferee] by virtue of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (‘TUPE’). Your existing terms and conditions of employment will remain the same as they were when you were employed by [insert name of transferor] [except as identified below]. In particular, the transfer has not affected your statutory rights and your continuity of service will be preserved.

[Certain rights relating to occupational pension schemes are excluded from the application of TUPE and do not transfer. [I enclose details of [enter name of transferee]’s [occupational OR stakeholder] pension scheme and details of how you can join this should you wish to. OR I enclose details of [enter name of transferee]’s auto-enrolment pension scheme, information about how auto-enrolment affects you and your rights in relation to it.]]

[[Insert details of any other changes to terms and conditions of employment]]

Please find enclosed a statement of terms and conditions which shows us as your new employer and confirms the date that your continuous employment commenced [along with any other changes to your terms and conditions of employment].

[We have a duty to prevent illegal employment by conducting document checks, confirming that you have the right to work in the UK. This means that we need to repeat the checks that [enter name of transferor] carried out when you joined them. [The HR department] will be contacting you shortly about these checks.]

[Information [insert name of transferor] held about you as your employer has also been transferred to [name of transferee]. This information includes sensitive information about you, for example your sickness record. [insert name of transferee] confirms that it now holds your personal data in order to fulfil its obligations and exercise its rights as your new employer. You are entitled under the Data Protection Act 1998 to a copy of your personal data held by [insert name of transferee] on payment of a fee and also to have errors in your personal data corrected.]

Yours sincerely,


[insert name of transferee’s representative]

For and on behalf of [insert name of transferee]